Alex Guth | Stormwarrior

In the middle of 2011 Alex Guth of Stormwarrior has joined to Silverblade team. Alex plays in many band such as Börn Again and Stormwarrior. From May of 2011 he is supported by a Silverblade SOW-preamp which is an Attila Voros Signature series amplfier.

Find out more about Stormwarrior here:

Silverblade SOW Guitar Pre-amplifier
2 channels guitar pre-amp, clear and lead channels, 3 way EQ, ECC 83 tubes, stereo effect outputs, -inputs, Hi-level output, leadfoot, 5 different sound outputs, solo/Rhythm volume potmeter (switchable by footswitch).

The SBP-201 offers 5 different settings to change the dirtyness of the distortion channel by using the "Silverblade Dirt rotary switch" on the back. With these settings you can get various kind of styles from the classic AC/DC-ish rock sound to the most aggressive and chunky PanterA-ish metal sound. It comes with blue leds and chrome hardware.