This amplifier is suitable for many localities such as restaurants, fitness centers where sounds, or music has to be played in separate locations. The sources of the sounds can vary and their volume can be changed separately as well.

There are 4 channels available per unit so sound deliverance can be possible in 4 rooms at the same time. If the location has less than 4 rooms it is to change the options while still using 1 unit.

Output Power:
The DSX-420 amplifier is able to deliver 20 watts per channel. Higher output power needed? - DSX4060 4x60W, DSX4120 4x120W, DSX4240 4x240W

The amplifier is 1 U (44mm) high and 241 mm wide. 2 units built together will give the width of 1unit, making it easy to build it into rack systems. In case you would like to use 1 unit as a built in rack that is possible as well.

The power amp unit of the amplifier is based on digital technology. As a result of this the device wights less compared to it's transformer based products.



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