Giuseppe Lombardo is an italian bass player. He is currently playing in MYRIAD LIGHTS, Heavy/Power Metal from Milano, and in FOGALORD, Symphonic Epic Power Metal from Carpi.

During his carreer Giuseppe had the chance to play important shows in Italy and a little abroad, opening for well-known bands like Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Primal Fear, Fatal Smile and Firewind;

He's gonna share the stage as well with Epica, Tyr, Turisas and many other bands at the upcoming "Made of Metal", hitting the main stage of the czech festival with Fogalord. Moreover, Giuseppe and his bands are in the middle of the recordings new full-lenghts that are going to be released by the end of this year.

Myriad Lights' new album will sound much more powerful than the first record "Mark Of Vengeance", bringing the band to the next level; while Fogalord's new work will establish them to even higher standards than those set with the release of the highly acclaimed debut album "A Legend To Believe In".

FOGALORD Official site
MYRIAD LIGHTS Official site

Giuseppe's Gear:

Silverblade Titan 7 Hybrid Bass Head
700 watt 4 Ohm, 400 watt 8 Ohm, 2 ECC83 tubes, 3 way EQ with Slide (you control the mid), Gain and master volume, switch classic/xtreme, Effect loop send/return, Chain option out/in, 1 (speakon) speaker output.
Silverblade Titan 7