Jason Mathias | Palace

Traditional Metal still exists, no ifs no buts !

With their sixth studio release „Dreamevilizer“ the guys from Speyer are continuing their trademark sound. Palace stands for raw, honest and down to earth metal.

Palace emerged in 1990 from the remainings of „Saints Anger“ (the album „Danger Metal“ was released in 1985 at Mausoleum). After countless concerts, their first self-produced CD „Toy of Rage“ was released in 1996. Which was followed three years later by „Unsolved Mysteries“. Both releases were supported by massive live presence.

"Machine Evolution“, (2003) earns in Germany as in foreign countries almost exclusively positive results. With the album „Black Sun“ which was released in March 2006 by STF-Records, Palace are progressing to new musical levels: catchy hooklines and powerful riffs.

„Divine Intervention“ – released in April 2008 by STF-Records – continues the musical journey of it`s predecessors carries on the tradition of metal with teutonic roots. So once again the concert halls are under siege together with acts like

Alvin Lee, Bonfire, Crematory, DORO, Grave Digger, Holy Moses, Powerwolf, ROSS THE BOSS (ex- Manowar), Sabaton, Uli Jon Roth (ex-Scorpions) oder U.D.O.

Since 30.09.2011 their new album „Dreamevilizer“ is released via Firefield Records, which was recorded during the Summer of 2011 in the Gerassi Park Studio by Gerhard „Gerassi“ Magin (Crematory, Agathodaimon, Mystic Circle). Palace and Magin produced an album which focuses all the strengths. Hymns like 'Between Heaven And Hell', 'Dreamevilizer' or 'Killing-Drones' just deliver one message:

Teutonic Metal strikes back!

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Jason's Gear:

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