U.W. Dagoth - OTARGOS


We are pleased to announce and welcome U.W. Dagoth of Otargos among Silverblade artists. Dagoth has a brand new series of Silverblade Hellhound 20 head, check it out.

Dissecting, slicing and recombining the musical DNA of extreme Metal, OTARGOS achieves exactly the right balance between industrial coldness and powerful fierce metal attacks.

Find out more about Otargos at the link right here:

U.W. Dagoth's Gear:
Silverblade Hellhound 20 tube guitar head
Massive high gain Silverblade sound for the lead channel and bright metallic sound for the clean channel. Hellhound 20 is the most aggressive all tube guitar head. Stronger than all because it is Made In Hell!
Hellhound 20