The SCW2 glass-through speaker system (customer direction, customer calling) is the most modern device for the communication in rooms and areas that are separated by glass (cashiers, customer service, hospitals etc.). Thanks to the device's features there is no need for switching while speaking.

The SCW2 glass-through speaker provides live, two way communication without any feedback or buzzing. With smaller changes it can be used as a customer calling device as well!

The SCW2 glass-through speaker's construction:

The whole electronics is located in the metal cast also used as a microphone tread. On the back of the box the adaptor connector can be found, the speaker cables run from here as well as the outer microphone cable. Also on the back of the box the microphone's XLR output can be found. With the POWER button the device can be switched on and off.

With the MIC ON switch the inner gorge-pipe microphone can be activated. With this the user can approve or disable the output sound. The inner speaker's level can be set with the INSIDE button, the outside area's level can be set with the OUTSIDE lowered switch. The power supply of the devices happens with an outer adapter. The accessories of the SCW2 glass-through speaker's are the in and outer speakers, and the adjustable condensed microphone.

- wall adjustable speakers (2 pce.)
- 3-3 meters speaker cable
- wall connector
- outer microphone knob (2 meter cable)
- operating panel/gorge pipe microphone
- adaptor



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