Studio Greywolf

Silverblade amplifers pleased to announce that Charles Greywolf of Powerwolf and manager of his own Sudio which called Studio Greywolf uses Silverblade products his own studio in Germany. If you have chance please visit his studio and make some badass records with Silverblade Hellhound 50 head and di boxes.

"Overall the amp has a real great tone in all distortion levels. For solos it is so far one of the best amps I ever had." - Charles Greywolf

Find out more about Studio Greywolf at the link right here:
Studio Greywolf

Greywolf's Gear:

Silverblade Hellhound 50 Guitar Amp
Massive high gain Silverblade sound for the lead channel and bright metallic sound for the clean channel. Hellhound 50 is the most aggressive all tube guitar head. Stronger than all because it is Made In Hell!
Hellhound 50

Other equipments: HX3 guitar splitter, HX3LF guitar splitter, HX1 guitar balancer, RX1 revamp, SPD and PSD passive DI boxes, Noise killer