Tuomas Saukkonen | WOLFHEART

We are glad to introduce Tuomas Saukkonen of BEFORE THE DAWN (disbanded in 2013) and WOLFHEART as a Silverblade endorser. Tuomas has joined us in october of 2012 and this great guitarist/singer/drummer from Finnland uses a Silverblade SB 200 power amp, SBP-201 pre-amplifier and two DLG-412 cabinets in all "wolfheart" shows all around the world. Welcome to Hell!

Back in 1999, when Tuomas Saukkonen felt the need to break his routines as a drummer of a local band, his new metal project called BEFORE THE DAWN was born. As soon as the studio was booked, the following demo session started a decade that brought three demos, five full length albums, one DVD and two mini albums.

BEFORE THE DAWN also hit both single and album charts in the bands home country Finland many times and played a huge amount of shows in more than 16 countries supporting bands like KATATONIA, MOONSPELL, SWALLOW THE SUN, SCAR SYMMETRY and AMORPHIS. Unfortunately "Before the dawn" disbanded in 2013, but a new band borned which calls WOLFHEART. Check out WOLFHEART down on the video!

Find out more about Tuomas's bands at the link right here:

Tuomas's Gear:

Silverblade SB-200 Guitar Amplifier
Stereo Tube Power-Amplifier. Aggressive, dirty, deep. This 2 x 100 watt heavyweight beast is one of the most devastating weapons of Silverblade. Available with 8 pcs. EL 34 tubes, volume and presence pots, in blue-white or red-balck colours.
SB-200 power amplifier

Silverblade SBP 201 Tube Guitar Pre-amplifier
Silverblade SBP 201 Tube Guitar Pre-amplifier 2 channels guitar pre-amp, clear and lead channels, 3 way EQ, ECC 83 tubes, stereo effect outputs, -inputs, Hi-level output, leadfoot, 5 different sound outputs, solo/Rhythm volume potmeter (switchable by footswitch).
SBP-201 pre-amplifier

Silverblade DLG 412 Guitar Loudspeaker
Speakers: Celestion Vintage 30 - 12", RMS Power: 240 Watt, Frequency Response: 70 Hz to 5 kHz 1 x 16 Ohm, 2 x 8 Ohm, Sensitivity: 105 dB, Dimensions: 772 x 772 x 375 mm, Weight 56 kg
DLG 412 guitar cabinet